Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aleins details: Aliens are there are not?????????

Aleins details: Aliens are there are not?????????: "We all having this doubt. so watch this blog ..."

Aliens are there are not?????????

We all having this doubt.
For this question the the answer is YES Aliens are there
For details the Aliens are there in all the world

The first person seen the aleins is jhon kendey on 24 th june 1943

while he is travelling in a small plane then  a light focused on his face
then he seen 9 UFO in the sky then he tell to all the news papers
Then he is popular through out the world

Then we find many cases seeing UFO in sky
Mainly in mexico all the people seen this UFO's in between 3days only

Any one tells about Aleins then the first place we know is AREA51
in america it is a place where Aleins and people are working together
there only the people are designing spacecrafts for proof  Ufo's in america
Area51 and in INDIA see this video

Not only this video There are many videos are i will put all the details of aliens