Saturday, November 5, 2011

Alien sightings are not really new to us humans,...

Aliens sightings are not really new to us humans, in fact, there were more rampant during the ancient times. I even believe that there was a close relationship between  Aliens and humans back then. How that relationship vanished, I don’t know.
There are tons of evidences present on ancient hieroglyphs in Egypt and did you know that even ancient paintings contain aliens and UFO’s? Even pictures of  Jesus Christ and Mother Mary show evidences of Alien presence. The bible talks about giants, who came from the heavens, many times. Aliens were our allies and maybe they are trying to reach out and are wanting to rekindle the past relationship.
Ancient Paintings, Hieroglyphs and other materials that show UFO’s.

A tapestry called Summer’s Triumph created in 1538. Notice the saucer liked objects on top.

The Baptism of Christ Painted in 1710 by Aert De Gelder. Notice a disk shaped object with beams of light hovering over St. John The baptist. I’m damn sure that is not the sun.

The crucifixion – Painted during the 17th century. Notice 2 jelly fish like aircrafts on the background.

The Summerian Gods

The painting Madonna with a UFO flying at a distance.
Now, if aliens were not real what would have prompted these ancient artists to put flying saucers in their drawings? Why would the Egyptians carve UFO’s and Aliens in their history? We all know that the Egyptians mapped out their entire history in hieroglyphs. I don’t see any reason or I can’t even imagine them making up things while recording history. Doesn’t make any sense.
This only means that aliens have been around and have been guiding us ever since. They were welcome visitors and the people doesn’t seem to be afraid of them. They wereregarded as the giver of knowledge by the Egyptians, maybe that’s why they were so prosperous and was able to accomplish great things.
What we need to do right now is to re-connect with the aliens and be allies just like before. I believe that the theory of alien technology bringing an end to all sufferings is true. If they had flying saucers at the time of Christ, can you even begin to imagine the kind of technology they have right now?
This all boils down to the Government and them trying to hide the truth. I just don’t know why the aliens are also putting up with the cover ups, whoever convinced them must be a pretty good lawyer.

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